Andrew Matusik


Andrew Matusik, started his photographic “career” in LA, first working as a photographer’s assistant to renowned European photographer Neil Kirk from 2000 to 2004. Andrew Matusik has been bi-coastal Fashion Photographer since 2004.

Andrew just finished building a Studio Loft in the Flatiron district, Manhattan. “the Loft at 333 Park Ave” transforms from a living space/production facility, a photo studio and then a Parisian salon/lounge to a banquette hall and art gallery with ease. Every inch is utilized and all elements are designed to maximize, transform, or function in three or four capacities. It is a white pallet, a canvas waiting to be painted, stories to be made and told.

Artistically or in life, Andrew is a man who looks for inspiration and strives to always better himself; “I live life with passion and purpose in every aspect. Andrew’s goal is to live a balanced life, and to passionately take on life with purpose and gratitude, joy and humility, and to be a leader in faith, family, community, and career.