Nancy LeVine


MANHATTAN – I am born.

LONG ISLAND – Perhaps a suburban dream. Actually, perhaps not. It is where I took
my first photo.

ST. THOMAS – A third grader discovers a new place. So few people. So untouched.
So safe. Lots of quiet walks. Lots of time to see. Dad spends his passion time in a
small closet making beautiful black and white prints. I see them washing in my tub.
Mom travels to N.Y. and brings home hot pants for me to wear with laced up ‘greek’
sandals. I wear them unabashedly. My room has many posters. “What if they gave
a war and nobody came” is one of them.

Off island for college – Rural upstate New York with my camera at hand. A
semester in Spain begins a life long documentary project.

Manhattan – Back again. I am a Fashion Photographer. Magazines (New York and
Paris), Collections, Department Store Ads in The New York Times. So many people to
see with my portfolio.. Everyone still has time. All the while AIDS permeates everything –
first as something unknown and then……. I find my muse Lisa in Paris. I find my muse Lulu in New York. Also, Maxie.

I receive an MA from New York University.

Mercer Island – Fashion + Documentary + Dogs + A new island perspective.
Starbucks welcomes me. Microsoft welcomes me. Seattle Children’s Hospital welcomes me. Assignments take me all over the world. My book is published. A Barnes and Noble bestseller…. for a time. More new projects are begun. Awards are won. Senior dogs take me all across America. So does ‘Escape Into America’. Digital and Multimedia begin a brand new language. Senior Dogs Across America finds a publisher. Time speeds up exponentially.

My island HOMES today – Mercer Island and Manhattan. My ‘decisive moments’ are
in both locations. And the world.